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About E.ON Heat

What is E.ON Heat and how does it work?

E.ON Heat delivers district heating to your local community. Water is heated in our on-site energy centre and then pumped to your home through our network of insulated pipes to give you hot water and heating. The water is heated by a range of fuel sources and technologies. Many of our energy centres produce both heat and electricity. This is known as Combined Heat and Power technology, which is better for the environment. This makes your heating a lower carbon solution, helping the UK achieve its Carbon Reduction Targets.

Your E.ON Heat system

Instead of a boiler, your home has a Heat Interface Unit (HIU). Your HIU takes heat from the network to provide you with heat and hot water instantly whenever you need it. Servicing, maintenance, repairs and replacements of your HIU are all included within your Energy Service Charge.

How to videos

We've put together some helpful guides so that you know how to use your heat system.

How to check your pressure:

How to check and change the batteries on your room controller:

How to turn your heating on:

How to read your HIU Meter:

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